We have been operating in the Fernando de Noronha archipelago for more than a decade offering a differentiated on-board service.


With the experience earned over the years, we have developed a unique tour thinking about you. Comfort, quality, and crew prepared to assist you.

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Come to Fernando de Noronha and navigate in turquoise water, sharing the scenario with dolphins and unique geology.


We combine all these with a differentiated onboard service to serve you better and make you appreciate every moment. We have a built-in kitchen, bar area, two private bathrooms and a superior convenes with cloth view.


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“Excelente tour! The tour goes around the island than the boat stops to dive. The lunch on the boat is fantastic, and the whole team is high class. Don’t miss this tour in Noronha!”

Danielle Sapira
Alan Neves
Salto / SP

“The trip was fantastic - the catamaran is more stable than a usual boat; I didn’t even get sick. The crew is very regardful, giving information during the tour and answering questions. We stopped at Sancho’s Beach to swim and then to have lunch (it’s just beautiful to have lunch with that view).”

Danielle Sapira
Carol Kayser
Porto Alegre / RS

“A boat tour of the island is mandatory. Trovão dos Mares makes a unique tour. They are very friendly and helpful. It is worth every penny. The lunch served onboard was awesome!.”

Danielle Sapira
Aucy Araujo
Alto Santo / CE

Fernando de Noronha, PE - Vila do Trinta - Brazil
Phone : +55 (81) 3619.1228

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